Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Letter To Those Concerned

In the process of planning future moves into an industry that will sustain me intellectually and financially, I have learned a great deal about what I have to offer and what I am striving for. In fact, this recognition of personal worth has matured through the many conversations I have had with community leaders and followers. All of whom acknowledge that there exists a discrepancy between the supposed capacities of communities and the reality. Ends not meeting in the middle, we hear the far off sounds of community dialogues but all sides aren't covered, all voices aren't heard. It's logic really, often the seats at the table aren't offered to all members, and if they are, not all members know how to approach the table. Thus, seats are left empty, and people are left apathetic.

These conversations most often are needed between parties sharing a poorly-defined power dynamic; in such relationships, stipulations are communicated tacitly. And too often, this ignorance of power develops into a destructive social relationship disadvantageous to both parties. Of course, these power relationships are reinforced or challenged through customary interaction, and without the appropriate moderator, customs devolve into antipathy and shallow expressions of empowerment.

Recognizing these phenomena puts me in a unique position to help establish positive modes of conversation, locate local leadership, and ensure the community goals are embraced and understood by all. I believe this to be transformative democracy; when the followership is engaged in positions of leadership.

Community power is at the heart of transformative democracy and transformative democracy is at the heart of solving modern problems.